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Aspiring to do remote work

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the person on the left? That is to say to be able to manage your day freely without constraint. Well, it is possible thanks to remote work which gives people the possibility to manage their time as they see fit no longer being tied to the work office.

Distance work has undoubtedly provided people with more fulfilling lives and this blog is intended to give you all the information needed so you’ll know whether or not this lifestyle is right for you.

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Here are just a few pages of where you could be visiting while distance working.


The cradle of human civilization.


East, the land of the rising sun.


Explore medieval Europe at your doorsteps.


No better place to experience beautiful sunshine.

Readers Thoughts on remote working from distance


As a remote worker myself, I gotta confess this blog is very informative.

Julian from France

I’ve just started getting into remote work and I was searching for better information on how to organize my day. This pdf is exactly what I was hoping, much appreciated.

Kevin from Oregon

The various articles presented in this blog definitely helped me develop a more clear understanding of what remote working consists of. As a consequence, I’m diving into this new lifestyle right away!

Janny from Austin Texas

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