The three main disadvantages of remote work

Everything has its ups and down including remote work, here are some of the major disadvantages.

  1. Work organizing can be challenging

When starting to organize remote work, some adjustments and development of new methods are absolutely needed.

Members of the company need to learn to communicate effectively online and manage online meetings as well. They also have to learn to use many different IT tools to accomplish this.

The transition can be challenging at first which is why training is always helpful.

Leading a team remotely can also be challenging. The feeling of lack of control often comes into play and boosting up a team spirit can become quite an obstacle. In this scenario, we advise you to:

  • Go from being a time-based leader to being a results-based leader
  • Try to instill a sense of belonging among the team. Thus, managers and companies must invest even more in their leadership abilities, so remote work is beneficial to everyone.
  1. Feelings of solitude

As social beings, human interaction is fundamental for our well-being. Isolation caused by remote working can lead to many symptoms such as depression lack of productivity and even self-harm.

Make sure you as a remote worker you do these main things to avoid feeling isolated:

  • Even while working in the office organize office meetings from time to time
  • Use the camera when working online
  1. Distractions at home and losing work-life balance

It is true that there are no office distractions when working remotely, however other distractions related to home came to appear. For example, if you have a pet or even a family these things can become a distraction if not managed properly.

That is why it is recommended for remote workers to have some kind of working space to avoid such distractions except for emergencies.

Also when working remotely, your daily work life might come in between your private life. Indeed, if you do not manage your time properly you might not know when to quit working or you might end up semi-working when you shouldn’t.

As a consequence, this can be detrimental for people who don’t know when to stop working such as workaholics. Studies show that productivity actually declines if people don’t take breaks during work so make sure to include work breaks during your activity.

Semi-working is another death trap because your work time is split between work and other activities non-related which results in productivity decrease or even worse not being able to fulfill the daily task.

Even if remote work is supposed to be flexible it is still important to be 100% at your duties during work hours, remember your employer is expecting to fulfill a duty, so do it well.